Video Stitcher

Stitches two synchronised HD videos into one single-file panoramic video or photo of selected size.

HyperviewCam Videostitcher

With HyperviewCam Videostitcher you can stitch left and right video, produced by Hyperviewcam, into one single-file panoramic video. Suitable to watch them on big screen or to send as a small file per email.
In Stitcher you can switch between two modes: Stitcher mode and Player mode. In player mode it playes video pairs and also stitched panorama videos.
Stitcher can also recover damaged video files if such files exist.
Please find more information in user manual, which you can download from our web page (see above under "Support").

Video Stitcher can also easily repair eventual defect videos. For example, when using the camera when internal battery is not charged. When sudden powerOff (engine turned off -> camera power supply is suddenly interrupted -> internal battery is empty), the camera has no energy to properly close current video and therefore this last recorded video remains unusable for every player. Therefore, every time when directory with videos is selected, stitcher checks quickly all available videos to find damaged videos. If such videos are found, stitcher mark such videos red and additional recovery-buttons appear and user can with one click, within few seconds, recover broken videos, so no video will be lost.

Nottice no fish-eye distortion in this video, although recorded with 200°-panoramic view.

Installed languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian, Korean and Russian.