Revolutionary 200° wide panoramic view


Mini Dash Cam for Ultra Wide View

HyperviewCam HC-200 use two synchronized HD camera modules to produce 200° panoramic videos in 2560x720@30fps resolution.

HyperviewCam records also vehicles and events at 90° from your driving direction.

You can capture also beautiful landscapes and precious moments on your travels in 200° panoramic format.

You can open GPS-Window to follow your driving route on OpenStreetMap online map and see exact position of every video (GPS information is visible if GPS module was used). One compatible GPS-Module you can find here.

After power-on, HyperviewCam is in "driving mode" and begins to continuously record one minute long videos.

Optionally, you can deactivate "permanent recording" option and camera will then record video only when you press big blue button or when g-sensor activates recording. These videos start 30 seconds before button was pressed/activation and end 15 seconds after pressing/activation.

Or leave your car with camera-on in "parking mode" (camera needs +12V power supply) and camera will recognise and capture movements according to setup movement sensitivity. (also -30 till +15 seconds)

G-Sensor, works in "driving mode" and "parking mode", depending on selected sensitivity, can also trigger automatical video recording. (-30 to +15 seconds)

HyperviewCam optionally emboss in the video: 1) date and time, 2) vibration values of the g-sensor, and when optional GPS receiver is used, also: 3) the speed and 4) coordinates.

Model HC-200GPS is delivered incl. GPS-Mouse.

Together with HyperviewCam you also get video player and VideoStitcher. HyperviewCam videostitcher software stitch each two selected L and R video into one video file or photo in size of your choice. So you can watch high resolution panorama videos on big screen or send small video files per email.

Incl. 2 years warranty.

English: User Manual

Italiano: Manuale utente

German: Bedienungsanleitung

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