Video-recording modes

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1.1 Permanent Recording

When drivers turns On the engine, camera PowerOn automatically in standard mode and starts recording 1 min. long video file pairs. Files are securely saved into Normal recording folder on the microSD-card. It supports loop back recording, so once memory card is full it removes the oldest file to store newest file. Permanent recording mode can be disabled by setting in configuration file.

1.2 Manual Recording

Manual recording can be triggered at any time by short-pressing the main blue-lighted button or round-side-middle button on the camera. Then camera saves the video, which starts 30 sec. before and ends 15 sec. after the button was pressed. Files are saved into "user"-recording folder on the microSD-card. This feature is very useful, when drivers witness other accidents, events or if driver want to record beautiful surrounding for fun.

1.3 Event Recording

Event recording mode is activated by 3-axis g-sensor, which detects car vibrations, which may be caused by crash. It is recommended to setup low sensitivity of g-sensor in order to automatically record video only after strong shock or vibration and not road bumpiness.

2.1 Parking Mode

In parking mode camera must be also externally powered. In Parking mode video recording can be triggered by visual motion recognition or by car shake.