GPS Functionality

Know Know exact position of every video scene


Blue: Normal driving, Red: 30 sec. before and and 15 sec. after schock event.


Display your routes and interesting positions on online world map.

Here you can buy compatible GPS-Module.

HyperviewCam Player contains also Online-Worldmap.

See the map on the left: Blue lines are automatically recorded videos. Red lines are manually (press the button) recorded videos.

If a video contains the GPS data, the positions of this video are automatically displayed on the online map in the video payer. So you can see exact position of every route and scene. The blue mark indicates the current position. GPS data from video overlay downloaded online map. So your GPS data don't leave your PC.

To use the GPS module, insert the plug of the GPS module into the camera GPS socket.

When the GPS module is connected to the camera, the camera also writes in recorded videos also information like: speed, position, vibration, time incl. date&time. GPS time is automatically/manually changed to the local/desired time zone in the player.

The player sees 60-second videos (continuous recording) in the online map as blue lines. 45-second videos (for example, manual recording, shock recording) are shown in red in the online map. So, if you press the manual recording button while driving, you will be able to see exactly where you were. See the picture on the left.

If you move the video slider with the video, the position indicator in the GPS window shifts accordingly.

The online map can be controlled with the mouse or with the buttons. See picture on the left.

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