On MiniCD provided with Hyperviewcam you will find 2 windows programs:

1) Video Player/Stitcher - to play dual HD videos and to stitch selected dual-videos into one single-file video in selected resolution

2) Setup program - to setup HyperviewCam camera

1) Video Player/Stitcher: HyperviewCam Videostitcher

Videostitcher needs Microsoft .NET Framework to work properly. Before installing Videostitcher, install relevant .NET Framework if you don't have it on your PC:

- WinXP users must use Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (x86 and x64)
Click to
install NET Framework 4 if you don't have it.

- Win7 can use also better Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (x86 and x64)
Click to install NET Framework 4.5 (x86 and x64) if you don't have it.

- Win8 and Win10 already contain .NET Framework and you don't need to install it.

After installation of HyperviewCam Videostitcher you can use its own update mechanism to acquire actual version.

2) Camera setup program

With this program you can setup settings of HyperviewCam Camera. Simply select settings you want, then press "Save" to export them as txt file, then copy this txt file on MicroSD card, then insert MicroSD card into camera and start the camera. Then camera power-on and automatically update its settings until camera voice say: Settings are updated. You can download actual version here: HyperviewCam Setup Program